Sunday, 15 September 2013

Pocket Money Polishes!

Good evening! When Charlie at Pocket Money Polishes directed me to her website of nail polish awesomeness I only went to have a look and came out the other side seven polishes richer :p 

As you can probably tell from the title, these polishes are ridiculously cheap at £4 each (before P&P) but you wouldn't know from their quality! Here I have all seven of these bad boys to show with topcoat and matted :D

First up the one I was most excited about :D Heart of Glass is an amazing polish with red, black and silver shredded glitter, I just looove it, not only does it look brilliant but the title fits perfectly, and I do like consistency! 

This is two coats of Heart of Glass kinda dabbed on, I use Let Them Have Polish's chunky glitter method (see it here), it really works! So I did two 'coats' of that over two coats of Barry M Dusky Mauve, although it just looks brown in the photos :p This polish is so packed so there was no fishing needed for bigger pieces but just a bit of placing. 

*New favourite polish alert!* I loooooove Wishing on a Star, it's made up of such gorgeous colours! It has pastel green, purple and pink/orange hexes, white, green and purple stars and little glitter flecks. For some reason it makes me think of christmas jumpers :p I imaging being all cuddly in a warm woolly jumper wearing this!

This is Wishing on a Star dabbed as before over two thick coats of OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It. Again no fishing needed, when I took the brush out it was covered in stars and that was halfway through my hand without having the bottle upside down, it's just packed! 

Hmm got an awesome orange polish, now I just need a good song title to go with it, how about the most epic song evaarrr?! You need a pretty special polish to live up to that name and indeed it does :D  Eye of the Tiger has big and small orange hexes, black stars and yellow glitter flecks and is lavly. I think it needs to go over a darker orange than this but my other oranges were too dark so you wouldn't have been able to see the hexes. 

Yo Adrian! Check this out matted! That's an actual line from the film, honest. This is dabbed again over two coats of Mavala Fresh Melon. I had to do a bit of digging for the stars but I hadn't left the bottle upside down or anything, and it was only a bit of twirling the brush around, not too difficult! It helped build my arm muscles, Stallone would've been proud! 

I was looking for a Rocky gif and found this one, as well as it being a sweet moment :p they're wearing the polish's colours!

Firework is yet another lovely one, who am I kidding they're all amazing! It has big purple hexes, blue stars and blue bar glitter. I think it might pop better (pun intended) over a black polish but I had already used black (coming up soon :p) so didn't want to repeat!

This is Firework dabbed (of course) over three coats of OPI You're Such a Budapest and you better put away your rod because there was no fishing required, oh yeah I went there. There was a bit of placing needed though as you can probably tell there are so many purple hexes, I love a packed glitter :D

Keep the Faith was one of the polishes that made me decide to buy a 'few' on the spot, admittedly that's because it reminded me of Billy Joel's Keeping the Faith and not what it's actually based on, but that's as good a reason as any right? :p

Keep the Faith has big and small blue hexes, even bigger silver hexes and blue bar glitter. This is Keep the Faith dabbed over two coats of Rimmel 60 Seconds Black, it is paaacked so no digging needed at all. 

Another one I bought because it reminded me of a Billy Joel song (Weekend Song) :p That's not the only thing that makes me decide to do anything I swear! I like Working for the Weekend because it kinda looks like the light reflecting off a disco ball, which says weekend to me :p This polish has blue, green and yellow hexes and bigger purple hexes with no fishing of course.

This is one coat of Working for the Weekend, no dabbing because the glitters came out so easily! Over two coats of Cult Nails Kiss my Rosebush, well I say two coats, it kept cracking for some reason so I had to go over some bits again, but you can't tell on the photos (I hope :p).

Ending on another of my favourites, I Have a Dream is so pretty and again makes me feel very Christmasy! It is packed with glitter including pink and white squares, white flecks, yellow hexes and pink hearts which I didn't even know about until I got one on the brush :p 

This is I Have a Dream dabbed over two coats of George Cupcake (yeah really George as in Asda, one of the first polishes I bought when getting into nails about a year ago and never used, it's gorgeous! Or should that be...George-ous?)

There was only a slight bit of digging needed because I didn't know about the hearts so had to look for them, and a bit of placing of the squares, but no problems at all!

All of these polishes came off very easily with the usual 'foil' technique.

So overall I am loving these polishes! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for new ones, but right now there is a recommend to a friend scheme being tried out where you can get 10% off your first order if you say in the comment box on the order form that I pointed you there (I think Mel from Take me to your lacquer is enough :p) except for on the charity polish. So go chicky check it out! Pocket Money Polishes


  1. These are cute, really into Eye of the Tiger, its awesome

  2. Wishing on a star is my fav! I love that one. :0 Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Hun, I have nominated you for the Liebster award...

  4. These polishes are so pretty! I really like Heart of Glass!

  5. these all polishes are awesome! love them all and Firework seems to be my fav :)


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