Sunday, 16 February 2014

Christmas Jumper Nails

Even though I have some much more exciting posts I'm posting this one sooner seeing as it's waaay past Christmas :p These Christmas jumper type nails were always on my list of nails I have to do at some point, I had tried to freehand them but then MoYou came along!

Right I did these at Christmas and apparently didn't write down what I used and how many coats etc. so I might be off a bit. I painted all nails in two coats (I think!) of Ciate Boudoir (I'm pretty sure). Then I painted over all of them with a coat of Calvin Klein Hallucinate. Then on the ring finger I used a coat of Barry M's limited edition Christmas polish (that I bought the Christmas before :p).

And finally I stamped over each nail with different stamps from the MoYou Festive Collection plate 04 in Barry M Matte White.

I loooove them! 

It's slightly after Christmas now but I hope you all had a good one :p

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine's Nails

I'm already a bit late so I have to post this now :p I couldn't miss out Valentine's day nails, so many possibilities! But I decided to go obvious and went with lots and lots of hearts :D

First I painted all nails with two coats of Picture Polish Fairy Floss. Then I stamped all nails with MoYou Mother Nature plate 01 in Ciate Kiss Chase. Oo oo that reminds me, I treated myself to the Ciate Advent Calendar last year, it was brilliant and now I have all these beauties!

So for the middle nail I wanted to try a negative space nail that I saw on One Nail to Rule Them All's blog. I painted on a heart using Barry M Matte White and a dotting tool, which took me fooorever! Then used a cotton bud and acetone to remove the polish in the middle of the heart, which also took me ages :p 

Then I topped each nail with a coat of Seche Vite and that's all she wrote! 

Of course I had to matte them...

Cute! :D My negative nail is obviously nowhere near as good as on One Nail to Rule Them All but not too bad for a first try! 

Soo did anyone get anything nice for valentine's? My boyfriend got me the perfume I love before disappearing off on holiday for almost a month, I think he was trying to distract me with pretty things :p Tata for now!