Saturday, 31 August 2013

OPI Splurge!

Well hello! 

I recently found out that the TJ Hughes right next to my work sells full size OPIs for £4.99! I'm not sure if it's because there's something wrong with them, and I'm pretty sure they're not fakes. They change the ones they have quite a lot, the first time I checked it was just lots of different greys and browns but the next time I went in 'just to have a look' I ended up with four. So here they are!

First up is I Don't Give a Rotterdam, a blue shimmer.


To me it looks kind of denim-y in sunlight, you can see the blue better with flash but then it loses its shimmer.


This is two coats on its own, as always OPI levels out really well even without a top coat :D But I do prefer this one matted!


Pretty :D 

Next is Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?, a shimmery deep purple.


I love this one so much, it's such a nice colour and applies so nicely. I couldn't really get the shimmer to show in the photos properly, this is the best one:


This is two coats with no top coat, definitely my favourite of the four!

Third is It's Totally Fort Worth It, a silver shimmer (may have gone overboard on the shimmer) but in the right light you can see it has a purple-y red-y shimmer too!


Again quite hard to catch the purple/red but I think I got it in that photo, it looks really nice in real life anyway :p


The purple disappears in flash, but it still looks nice, kinda like a foil. This is three coats and with a coat of Seche because it was a bit streaky (most likely my fault :p)

And lastly is Nothin Mousie 'Bout It, one I've been meaning to buy for a while but glad I waited and got it a bit cheaper!


Nothin Mousie 'Bout It is a pink shimmery glittery polish with cute pink hearts in. This is two coats of Nothin Mousie 'Bout It over the three coats of It's Totally Fort Worth It, not sure if you could build it up without a base colour. I did need to dig a bit for the hearts which would have been fine, but the brush kept falling out of the lid when I turned it around the bottle, I'm not going to complain though for a fiver! The hearts also needed a bit of placing but it's to be expected with big glitter.


I won't include a photo with flash because it loses the shimmer and is just Totally Forth Worth It with hearts on :p I really like the shimmer of this one, it's gorgeous! 

So thanks TJ Hughes and expect a new regular customer :p

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Fandom Cosmetics Highly Illogical

Yoo helloo! 

The other day I tried out my three swatch challenge idea and it didn't go so well so 
I thought I'd just swatch Highly Illogical instead, a polish based on Spock's uniform. 

I added a stud to jazz it up a little :p

This is described as a blue jelly with silver dust, but I'm sure I can see blue and purple glitters in there too, unless it's just how the light hits it:

I looove it, it gives complete coverage in two coats with no base colour and is ridiculously packed with the glitters/dust, it's very pretty!

My favourite Star Trek film has to be The Voyage Home :p

Might end up watching that later :p Do you have a favourite? Aren't Fandom Cosmetics amazing? :D

Pics: Computer?, Nobody pays any attention to you unless you swear every other word, Are you sure it isn't time for a colourful metaphor?

Monday, 12 August 2013



A month or so ago I started on this Swatchicles project as inspired by Very Emily's blog (here and here), I did post about it but I had a problem with the blog deleting my photos so I'll explain again. The idea is you paint all your varnishes on fake nails (I'm using swatch sticks rather than nails and stirrers because me with a glue gun is just not a good idea) so that when you're deciding what colour to use you can see what they look like when dry and how many coats they need. They also kinda look like flowers but without the upkeep and the smell :p I bought 150 of the swatch sticks (from here), painted each one then labelled them by writing on a piece of paper and taping them on...And now I have finished!

It didn't take as long as I thought but I had run out of scotch tape and kept forgetting to buy some more. 

Here they are!

I know I haven't got loads compared to some bloggers, I've got about 160 but that looks like hardly any when they're like that :p It took a while to decide how to store them but I decided on glasses like these which have pride of place on my 'book' shelf.

Told you about the Batman stuff :p 

So they're separated into:
Blues, greens, yellows, oranges
Reds, pinks, purples
Blacks, whites, greys, browns
Glitter toppers
Glitter...coats? I don't know what they're called, glitters that can be used without a base colour. 

I'm very happy with them! I thought maybe I could do a challenge type thing for myself where I can pick out two or three sticks at random and make a mani out of them, might give me some ideas!

I have so many polishes that I want to put on here, i.e. the whole entire Dollish Polish Princess Bride Collection :o (By the way happy birthday to William Goldman, the author of that amaaazing book!) But tidying the room ruined my nails so they're really short now, *cries*.

Until next time!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Fandom Cosmetics Justice League Collection Part One

Well hello! While I'm taking a small break from my nails to sort out my room I thought I'd post the first half of Fandom Cosmetics' Justice League collection. I was going to do all four in one post but I have half ready and thought why not! 

I loooove superheroes so I just had to get this, I made myself stop at DC but I might get the Marvel one eventually :p 

I am the Night

I am the Night is a clear polish with black, grey and yellow circles, black bar glitter and small black hexagonal glitter. I love the version of the suit it's based on, it matches my Lego Batman phone case!

This is one coat of La Femme grey cream from ebay with two coats of I am the Night. No fishing was needed because it's so packed! I couldn't see much of the black bar glitter when I painted it on but looking at the picture I can see there's plenty! 

I own an embarrassing amount of Batman things so I'll stop at my Batarang :p My only problem with the polish is that it was quite hard to get circles off afterwards, but as I always say I don't do the foil technique properly so it is probably just me!

Now let's take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of Christian Bale!

He is too cool!

Son of Jor-El

I don't have any Superman things to pose with so I decided to do a bit of nail art with this one. I can't tell you how much I love this polish, it's just gorgeous! It is another clear polish with three different shades of blue holographic hexagonal glitters, yellow circles and biiig red circles. Very cleverly based on the suits and SO packed full of glitter! This is one coat of Barry M Navy with two coats of Son of Jor-El, there was no fishing needed at all but I did need to place the circles a bit, only because there were so many coming out at a time (which is definitely a good thing!). 

For the ring finger I painted half with Barry M Navy and the other with Barry M Raspberry using striping tape to separate them. Then I painted the Navy half with two coats of Son of Jor-El and lined the middle with NPW gold studs with a dotting tool. 

And all topped with a coat of Seche Vite. 

So there you have the first two of the DC collection, these guys are next :p

Hope you like them! Do you have a favourite superhero? :D

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