Tuesday, 9 July 2013

South Park Nails

This is another one from the saved manis while my nails are growing back. South Park is hilarious and I did my usual thing of going back to episode one and watching every episode a few months ago which inspired this :p I'm not sure why I only took one picture but it might be because their eyes are all a bit funny!

This one was easy-ish to do but it just took forever! I painted them all with Cult Nails Enticing as a sort of skin colour, then used a dotting tool and freehand to do the hats/hood (too many colours to list!) and the Barry M pens in black and white to do the eyes (whites and pupils), mouths, Kyle's eyebrows and Cartman's chins :p I have to say I love this one :D

Unfortunately that's the only pic I have of this one, but I do have another interesting one. When I did this I was still using the foil technique (but without foil, now I use one of these sponge things) to take off my polish so it would always come off onto the cotton wool the same as it was on my nails...

That just makes me laugh :p 

And that is that, short post today so here are some Cartman gifs, woop!

Pics: All from here


  1. This one is soooo cute, I think I will try to re-create this weekend, or maybe next week while I'm on vacation! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

    1. Go for it! :D

      And yay my first proper comment, woop :p


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