Monday, 29 July 2013

Nyan Cat Nails

In case you don't already know Nyan Cat, he is a poptart cat with a rainbow trail who flies through space, of course! Here is the song you will have in your head all night:

I've wanted to do nails of this for aaages and recently got some glequins from the Born Pretty Store so I thought that would be a good way to try them!

This was my first time using glequins so be nice! :p I painted all nails with Barry M Navy, then painted on the cat using acrylic paint (funnily enough I've had a box of acrylic paint sitting in a wardrobe for years and thought they were watercolours so I didn't think to try them for my nails, so much easier than trying to paint over dark varnishes with lighter ones!). I painted a white square and the side of the face in white first to make sure the other colours stood out from the blue.

Then I put a bit of clear polish on where I wanted the glequins to go (I did a colour at a time rather than each nail) then dabbed the dotting tool in the polish to pick up the glequins and stuck them on.

That took me sooo long, I don't know if it was the dotting tool or the clear polish but it took a while to pick the glequins up. And by the way they get everywhere, I had to change my bed sheets and had this going on under that first picture :p

Have you tried to get glitter off your hands, especially in this heat??

Overall I'm happy with them, I need more practice with the glequins though! They came off pretty easily with cotton wool and polish remover (a few pinged off before that so use two coats of top coat!), the acrylic paint needed the foil technique to get off.

Hope you like! Are you a fan of the Nyan?

Video: Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan
Pic: You'll thank me later

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