Saturday, 31 August 2013

OPI Splurge!

Well hello! 

I recently found out that the TJ Hughes right next to my work sells full size OPIs for £4.99! I'm not sure if it's because there's something wrong with them, and I'm pretty sure they're not fakes. They change the ones they have quite a lot, the first time I checked it was just lots of different greys and browns but the next time I went in 'just to have a look' I ended up with four. So here they are!

First up is I Don't Give a Rotterdam, a blue shimmer.


To me it looks kind of denim-y in sunlight, you can see the blue better with flash but then it loses its shimmer.


This is two coats on its own, as always OPI levels out really well even without a top coat :D But I do prefer this one matted!


Pretty :D 

Next is Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?, a shimmery deep purple.


I love this one so much, it's such a nice colour and applies so nicely. I couldn't really get the shimmer to show in the photos properly, this is the best one:


This is two coats with no top coat, definitely my favourite of the four!

Third is It's Totally Fort Worth It, a silver shimmer (may have gone overboard on the shimmer) but in the right light you can see it has a purple-y red-y shimmer too!


Again quite hard to catch the purple/red but I think I got it in that photo, it looks really nice in real life anyway :p


The purple disappears in flash, but it still looks nice, kinda like a foil. This is three coats and with a coat of Seche because it was a bit streaky (most likely my fault :p)

And lastly is Nothin Mousie 'Bout It, one I've been meaning to buy for a while but glad I waited and got it a bit cheaper!


Nothin Mousie 'Bout It is a pink shimmery glittery polish with cute pink hearts in. This is two coats of Nothin Mousie 'Bout It over the three coats of It's Totally Fort Worth It, not sure if you could build it up without a base colour. I did need to dig a bit for the hearts which would have been fine, but the brush kept falling out of the lid when I turned it around the bottle, I'm not going to complain though for a fiver! The hearts also needed a bit of placing but it's to be expected with big glitter.


I won't include a photo with flash because it loses the shimmer and is just Totally Forth Worth It with hearts on :p I really like the shimmer of this one, it's gorgeous! 

So thanks TJ Hughes and expect a new regular customer :p

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