Monday, 12 August 2013



A month or so ago I started on this Swatchicles project as inspired by Very Emily's blog (here and here), I did post about it but I had a problem with the blog deleting my photos so I'll explain again. The idea is you paint all your varnishes on fake nails (I'm using swatch sticks rather than nails and stirrers because me with a glue gun is just not a good idea) so that when you're deciding what colour to use you can see what they look like when dry and how many coats they need. They also kinda look like flowers but without the upkeep and the smell :p I bought 150 of the swatch sticks (from here), painted each one then labelled them by writing on a piece of paper and taping them on...And now I have finished!

It didn't take as long as I thought but I had run out of scotch tape and kept forgetting to buy some more. 

Here they are!

I know I haven't got loads compared to some bloggers, I've got about 160 but that looks like hardly any when they're like that :p It took a while to decide how to store them but I decided on glasses like these which have pride of place on my 'book' shelf.

Told you about the Batman stuff :p 

So they're separated into:
Blues, greens, yellows, oranges
Reds, pinks, purples
Blacks, whites, greys, browns
Glitter toppers
Glitter...coats? I don't know what they're called, glitters that can be used without a base colour. 

I'm very happy with them! I thought maybe I could do a challenge type thing for myself where I can pick out two or three sticks at random and make a mani out of them, might give me some ideas!

I have so many polishes that I want to put on here, i.e. the whole entire Dollish Polish Princess Bride Collection :o (By the way happy birthday to William Goldman, the author of that amaaazing book!) But tidying the room ruined my nails so they're really short now, *cries*.

Until next time!

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