Monday, 5 August 2013

Fandom Cosmetics Justice League Collection Part One

Well hello! While I'm taking a small break from my nails to sort out my room I thought I'd post the first half of Fandom Cosmetics' Justice League collection. I was going to do all four in one post but I have half ready and thought why not! 

I loooove superheroes so I just had to get this, I made myself stop at DC but I might get the Marvel one eventually :p 

I am the Night

I am the Night is a clear polish with black, grey and yellow circles, black bar glitter and small black hexagonal glitter. I love the version of the suit it's based on, it matches my Lego Batman phone case!

This is one coat of La Femme grey cream from ebay with two coats of I am the Night. No fishing was needed because it's so packed! I couldn't see much of the black bar glitter when I painted it on but looking at the picture I can see there's plenty! 

I own an embarrassing amount of Batman things so I'll stop at my Batarang :p My only problem with the polish is that it was quite hard to get circles off afterwards, but as I always say I don't do the foil technique properly so it is probably just me!

Now let's take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of Christian Bale!

He is too cool!

Son of Jor-El

I don't have any Superman things to pose with so I decided to do a bit of nail art with this one. I can't tell you how much I love this polish, it's just gorgeous! It is another clear polish with three different shades of blue holographic hexagonal glitters, yellow circles and biiig red circles. Very cleverly based on the suits and SO packed full of glitter! This is one coat of Barry M Navy with two coats of Son of Jor-El, there was no fishing needed at all but I did need to place the circles a bit, only because there were so many coming out at a time (which is definitely a good thing!). 

For the ring finger I painted half with Barry M Navy and the other with Barry M Raspberry using striping tape to separate them. Then I painted the Navy half with two coats of Son of Jor-El and lined the middle with NPW gold studs with a dotting tool. 

And all topped with a coat of Seche Vite. 

So there you have the first two of the DC collection, these guys are next :p

Hope you like them! Do you have a favourite superhero? :D

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